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What Is A Choi Implanter Pen? Learn More About This Innovative Hair Implantation Device.

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

What Is A Choi Implanter Pen? Revolutionizing Hair Restoration

The Choi pen, a significant breakthrough in hair transplant surgery, has remarkably enhanced hair restoration techniques. Resembling a pen, it's crucial for implanting hair follicles into the scalp, surpassing old methods in various ways:

  1. Precision: Ensures accurate hair follicle placement for more natural hairlines.

  2. Efficiency: Quicker than traditional methods, enhancing patient comfort.

  3. Less Scarring: Smaller incisions mean faster healing.

  4. Cost-Effective: Advanced models like HARRTS V-5 and V-6 are more economical over time.

The HARRTS V-5 and V-6, evolved Choi pen versions, include adjustable needles and a sterilizable metal body, making hair transplant less invasive and more precise. These devices mark a significant advancement in hair restoration, promising better outcomes for patients.

HARRTS V-6 Follicular Unit Pen Implanter Attributes: Read More

  • Design: Pen-like, enhancing hairline accuracy.

  • Precision: Customizable needle for specific follicle placement.

  • Speed: Quicker implantation than older methods.

  • Reduced Scarring: Smaller incisions aid faster recovery.

  • Comfort: Non-invasive design for patient ease.

  • Reduced Trauma: Lessens damage to follicles.

  • Cost Efficiency: Economical needles, with a reusable metal structure.

  • Needle Sizes: A range (0.6 to 1.2 mm) available for varied grafts.

  • Dense Graft Implantation: Ensures closely packed, orderly grafts with minimized displacement and bleeding.

Features of the HARRTS V-5 Follicular Unit Pen Implanter: Read More

  • Exceptional Reliability: Distinguished as the most dependable method for follicular unit implantation, the HARRTS V-5 Pen Implanter surpasses other implanters in effectiveness.

  • Swift Implementation: Known for its rapid direct hair implantation capability.

  • No Channel Pre-Formation Required: Eliminates the need for creating channels before the implantation.

  • Maximum Graft Density: Ensures tightly packed grafts with minimal shifting.

  • Cost Efficiency: Offers a more economical solution than the CHOI Pen, with needles priced at just $5 each.

  • Robust Build: Features a light, sterilizable, and reusable metal construction.

  • Improved Precision and Consistency: Engineered to enhance the implantation process's efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability.

To summarize, the HARRTS V-5 and V-6 pen implanters mark a significant advancement in hair transplant technology. They stand out in terms of their efficiency, precision, and the comfort they offer to patients. Additionally, these devices are cost-effective and designed for repeated use. They considerably outperform traditional hair transplant methods, providing more favorable outcomes for those pursuing hair restoration solutions.

Read More about the HARRTS Hir Transplant Equipment below:

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