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HARRTS FUEsion Automated Atraumatic Implanter Pen

FUEsion Automated Pneumatic Implanter

HARRTS FUEsion Automated Multi-unit Implanter Pen

Introducing the FUEsion - Automated Multi-Follicular Unit Implanter, a groundbreaking tool designed to enhance the efficiency, precision, and outcomes of hair transplantation. Our advanced technology redefines the standards for follicular unit implantation, providing unparalleled support to hair restoration professionals.

FUEsion Automated Pneumatic Implanter

Key Features
1. Continuous Implantation

Back-to-Back Implantation: FUEsion is the only device that allows surgeons to implant 100 follicular units consecutively. This feature significantly reduces the time required for the procedure, enhancing productivity and patient throughput.

2. Perfect Implantation Every Time:

Anatomically Accurate Placement: The FUEsion's special patented design ensures that each follicular unit is implanted at the optimal depth and angle, mimicking the natural growth patterns for superior aesthetic results.
Depth Control Assurance: Surgeons can focus on the overall procedure without worrying about the depth of each implantation, as the device automatically adjusts to the perfect depth, preventing complications associated with incorrect graft placement.

FUEsion Automated Pneumatic Implanter

3. Ease of Use
Simple Plunging Action: Designed for ease of use, the FUEsion operates with a ball-point pen-like plunging action, allowing for smooth and consistent implantation of grafts into the skin.
Minimal Trauma to Grafts: The innovative design minimizes manual handling of the grafts, reducing trauma and increasing the survival rate of each follicular unit.

4. Enhanced Speed and Efficiency
Patented Graft Holder: Capable of holding 100 grafts at a time, the patented graft holder facilitates easy suction into the implanter for successive implantation, streamlining the process.
High-Speed Implantation: Achieve remarkable speeds of up to 1800 grafts per hour with the two-sided implantation mechanism, making FUEsion one of the fastest and most efficient tools available in hair transplantation.

5. Precision and Accuracy for All
Ideal for All Skill Levels: Whether you are a novice or an experienced surgeon, FUEsion enhances the precision and accuracy of your work, ensuring high-quality outcomes regardless of your experience level.
No Need for Assistants: The efficiency and accuracy of the FUEsion implanter eliminate the need for additional staff, making the procedure more cost-effective and manageable.

Why Choose FUEsion?
The FUEsion - Automated Multi-Follicular Unit Implanter is not just a tool, but a revolutionary advancement in hair transplantation technology. By combining speed, precision, and ease of use, FUEsion ensures that each follicular unit is implanted perfectly, providing natural and lasting results.


Enhance your practice with FUEsion and experience the future of hair restoration.

Discover how FUEsion can transform your hair transplant procedures. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a demonstration.

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