HARRTS V-5 Implanter Pen :

The Most Error Free Technique of Performing Follicular Unit Implantation..

HARRTS V-5 Pen Implanter

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HARRTS V-5 Implanter Pen :

The Latest Revolution in Direct Hair Implantation ( D H I ) Technique

The Most Error Free Technique of Performing Follicular Unit Implantation..

Most of the Hair Transplant Implanters available in the Market have many shortcomings, as follows:

  • Plastic Body

  • Cannot be Autoclaved

  • Not re-usable

  • Very Difficult to Assemble before use

  • Push Type Mechanism causing Variance with each Implantation

  • No Depth Control

  • High Learning Curve

  • High Disposable Costs

  • High Cost of Needles

  • Difficult Needle Changing Process

While developing the HARRTS V-5 Implanter, we have taken care that we address all the above shortcomings and make the best possible implanter that not only reduces the recurring cost to the Physicians, but also improves the efficiency, precision and repeatability of the Implantation Process. 

Salient Features of HARRTS V-5 Implanter Pen

  • Fastest Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

  • No need to create Channels

  • Very Dense Packing of Grafts

  • Minimal Popping of Grafts

  • Cheaper than CHOI Pen

  • Per needle cost just $ 2.5  USD as opposed to $ 20 of CHOI Needles.

  • Available in Different Sizes

  • Complete Light Wt. Metal Body

  • Autoclavable And Re-Usable

  • Negligible Cost per Surgery

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