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STAR 3D | Wireless 3D Augmented Reality Endoscopy & Microsurgery System

STAR 3D Endoscopy System

STAR 3D | 3D Augmented Reality Endoscopy & Microsurgery System


The STAR 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery System is  the World's first and Only Multi-Disciplinary Innovative 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery Solution,


Thanks to it's unique USB/HDMI Universal Endoscopy Camera,. 120" High Magnification See Through Augmented Reality Glasses, and Artificial Intelligence, the Surgeons can Perform the Endoscopy Procedure under Enhanced Stereoscopic 3D Vision, and also use its AI and AR features to improve the outcome of the procedure.


The system can be useful for surgeons in surgical disciplines like ENT, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Laparoscopy, Neurosurgery, Dental, Genito-urinary Surgery, ETC. 


Surgeons Benefits:

  • Stereoscopic 3D  depth perception

  • Better clarity of the complex surgical anatomy scenarios

  • Enhanced Up-to 4K Video

  • 100 inches Big Virtual Screen

  • Up-to 16 X Zoom gives great magnification

  • Better and Improved Hands-Eye Coordination

  • Intra-operative Artificial Intelligence Features

  • Pre-operative and Intra-operative Augmented Reality Analysis of Important Findings

  • Additional 3D Analysis Widget in a Separate Window for Better Analysis of the Anatomical Structures

  • Removes Postural Fatigue

  • Removes Eyes Strain while performing microsurgery

  • Single Click Recording and Snapshots

  • Easy White Balance and Color Balancing for Better Visualization

  • Voice Commands for Hands-Free Controls

  • Completely Portable and Easy to Carry Anywhere

  • Universal- Fits all Rigid Endoscopes and Fiberscopes

Patient Benefits:

  • Improved clinical outcomes

  • Safer operation

  • Increased satisfaction

  • Reduced discomfort

  • Shorter operation time

STAR 3D Endoscopy System Salient Features.jpg

Unparalleled 3D Performance !

  • STAR 3D is the First and Only Up-to 2K-3D Endoscopy System with See Through Augmented Reality Glasses

  • Unparalleled Crystal Clear 2K High Acuity Vision

  • Switch between 2D and 3D as per your convenience

  • Switch between Conventional Monitor or Augmented Reality Glasses as per your convenience

  • Can connect up-to 8 AR Glasses at the same time to be used by multiple surgeons

  • Stream the procedure wirelessly outside the Operation theater within 150 feet diameter of the OR.

  • Separate controls for AR Screen and Display Monitor

  • Provision for unlimited audience to see the procedure in 3D through separate Anaglyph streaming. 

  • Record your procedure in both 2D and 3D

  • Take snapshots of important events of your procedure

STAR 3D Endoscopy System

Portable and Easy to Carry:

Why get stuck with the Messy Cables and Large Foot -print Endoscopy Towers, when STAR 3D can provide Enhanced Technological Features in 1 Small Carry Case?

STAR 3D Endoscopy Convenience

Comfortable, Convenient and Precise

Switch to the 21st Century Technology for Better 3D Depth Perception, Comfort, Convenience and Features with an Advantage of Enhanced Augmented Reality.

STAR 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery System

Universal Design and Compatibility

The Unique and Innovative Design of STAR 3D makes it a Single System that can be used for both Endoscopy as well as Microsurgery for almost all the Surgical Disciplines, saving hundreds of thousands of US Dollars in buying expensive equipment for different surgical disciplines.

STAR 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery System

Universal Compatibility:

The STAR 3D Endoscopy System is compatible with All Rigid Endoscopes and Fiberscopes. You can either use your existing scopes or upgrade to the STAR 3D Endoscopes, Fiberscopes or Video Endoscopes. 

STAR 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery System

Multiple Display Options:

Use the 55" Display Screen, the 15" Laptop Screen or the Large 120" Floating Virtual Screen as your Display Option as per your convenience, while performing the Endoscopy Procedure with the STAR 3D Endoscopy System.  

USB / HDMI Full HD Zoom Camera
STAR 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery System

Up-to 4K Resolution Zoom Camera

STAR 3D is the First and Only 3D Endoscopy System equipped with 4K Camera and Up-to 16 X Zoom, that provides unmatched picture and video quality along with a High Magnification, enabling visibility of the minutest of details, while performing the  Endoscopy Procedure.

STAR 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery System

Easy White Balance and Color Balancing for Perfect Picture:

The STAR 3D Endoscopy Systems' easy to use Hands-Free Controls, allows the surgeons to manage the White and Color Balance settings in a way to provide the Best Picture and Video Quality for a Great Endoscopy Experience.

STAR 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery System

Artificial Intelligence Features to Measure Findings on the Go: *Beta Feature​

STAR 3D Endoscopy System is equipped with Artificial Intelligence Features allowing the Endoscopic Surgeon to Measure and Scale important findings during the Endoscopy Procedure, on the fly. 

STAR 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery System

Visualize the Anatomy in 3D for Better Diagnostics!


The STAR 3D Endoscopy System is the only Endoscopy System to allow Surgeons to Stream the Live Endoscopy Feed in 2D, 3D and Also a 3D Analytical Screen.  This provides the surgeon with the ease of switching between these windows and enabling the surgeon to perform detailed 3D Analysis of important Anatomical findings during the procedure. 

STAR 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery System

Augmented Reality Features to Enable Surgeons See the Findings on the go:

STAR 3D Endoscopy Systems' Augmented Reality Features helps the Surgeons in viewing the Lab, Diagnostic Imaging, Vitals and other Data before or while performing the procedure on a 120 " Floating Virtual Screen, all by simple voice commands.  

STAR 3D Endoscopy & Microsurgery System

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