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DHI Implanter Pen: An Overview

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

The Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Implanter Pen is a revolutionary tool in the field of hair transplantation, offering a significant improvement over traditional hair transplant methods. Among the leading devices in this category are the HARRTS V-5 and V-6 Implanter Pens, which stand out for their innovative features and enhanced performance.

DHI Implanter Pen: An Overview

DHI Implanter Pens are specifically designed for use in hair transplant procedures. These devices enable surgeons to implant hair follicles directly into the scalp, eliminating the need for creating pre-made channels. This direct approach is known for its precision, reduced trauma to the scalp, and improved graft survival rates.

HARRTS V-5 Implanter Pen

The HARRTS V-5 Implanter Pen is a breakthrough in DHI technology. Key features include:

  • Metal Body: Contrary to many market counterparts with plastic bodies, it features a complete lightweight metal body.

  • Autoclavable and Reusable: It can be sterilized and reused, reducing waste and operational costs.

  • Ease of Use: Designed for easy assembly and depth control, it simplifies the implantation process.

  • Cost Efficiency: It offers a lower per needle cost ($5 USD) compared to CHOI Pen needles ($20 USD).

  • Precision in Implantation: Enables dense packing of grafts with minimal popping, enhancing the quality of implantation.

HARRTS V-6 Implanter Pen

The HARRTS V-6 Implanter Pen further advances DHI technique with features like:

  • High Precision and Speed: Designed for creating a natural-looking hairline with adjustable needles, it significantly reduces the procedure time.

  • Reduced Scarring: Small incisions mean less scarring and faster healing.

  • Patient Comfort: Its less invasive nature and ergonomic design increase patient comfort.

  • Versatility in Needle Sizes: Offers a range of needle sizes to accommodate different graft types, improving implantation precision.

  • Cost-Effective Needles: Needles are priced at a more affordable $7 USD each.

Advantages of DHI Implanter Pens

Both HARRTS V-5 and V-6 Implanter Pens bring numerous advantages to hair transplantation:

  1. Precision: They allow for precise placement of hair follicles, resulting in a more natural appearance.

  2. Reduced Procedure Time: These pens make the process faster, reducing patient discomfort and recovery time.

  3. Enhanced Graft Survival: By minimizing scalp trauma, they improve the survival rate of transplanted hair.

  4. Cost Efficiency: Their design reduces the overall cost of the procedure by being reusable and offering affordable needle options.

  5. Improved Patient Experience: Reduced scarring and discomfort lead to a better overall patient experience.

In summary, DHI Implanter Pens, particularly the HARRTS V-5 and V-6 models, represent a significant leap forward in hair transplant technology. They offer improved efficiency, precision, and outcomes, benefiting both surgeons and patients in the hair transplantation process.

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