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STAR Smart AR Assisted Surgical Camera And Microscopy System

FUSION SurgiCam  - Smart Surgical Camera System

The Multi-Discipline, All Purpose Surgical Camera

An all-in-one, multi-disciplinary, plug-and-play, smart, portable surgical camera and microscopy and endoscopy system with a a 50X magnification camera, 130-inch display augmented reality glasses,

The Future of Surgical Vision

The FUEsion Cam represents the pinnacle of surgical camera systems, featuring a state-of-the-art motorized zoom and auto-focus camera capable of 50X magnification. It is seamlessly integrated with augmented reality glasses providing a 130-inch see-through display, all mounted on a portable 8-degree-of-freedom (8 DOF) platform

Up-to 50 X Zoom

The SurgiCam features a Full HD Motorized Zoom Camera, offering up to 50X Magnification with an advanced auto-focus system, designed to reveal even the smallest details with exceptional clarity.

130 Inches AR Display

When combined with the 50X Magnification Camera, the Augmented Reality Glasses Display, with its 130-inch transparent screen, not only enhances the clarity of fine details but also reduces the surgeon's postural fatigue

Microscopy & Endoscopy

The Fusion Surgicam works as a standalone surgical camera system and can also enhance any rigid endoscope or microscope, turning them into smart AR endoscopy/microscopy systems.

All Features


Surgicam is a versatile system used for diagnostic and surgical procedures in multiple medical disciplines, including ENT, Dental, OBGYN, Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, and more, covering open, endoscopic, and microscopic surgeries.

One Touch Controls

The Fusion Surgicam features intuitive one-touch controls, streamlining operation for ease of use. With its user-friendly interface, medical professionals can effortlessly navigate and control the system, enhancing efficiency during procedures.

Voice Controls

Surgicam offers hands-free operation through voice control, improving surgical precision and workflow efficiency. This innovative feature allows surgeons to adjust settings and capture images with ease, contributing to a more efficient surgical environment.

LED Lights

Surgicam boasts inbuilt LED lights that provide brilliant illumination during surgical procedures. These energy-efficient lights offer adjustable settings for optimal visibility, eliminating the need for cumbersome operating room lighting systems. 

Plug And Play

Surgicam offers a seamless plug-and-play setup, simplifying its integration into any existing medical office. This hassle-free configuration removes the need for complex installation steps and ensures quick deployment for medical professionals. 

Remote Support

Surgicam offers seamless remote connectivity and support for more efficient diagnostics of technical issues in the system and providing prompt technical assistance and support, ensuring uninterrupted performance during critical procedures. 

Up-to 50 X Zoom

The SurgiCam is equipped with a cutting-edge Full HD Motorized Zoom Camera that takes your surgical visualization to the next level. With its remarkable capabilities, it can achieve an impressive 50X magnification, allowing for the precise examination of even the tiniest anatomical structures.


The camera's advanced auto-focus system ensures that the details are brought into sharp focus, providing exceptional clarity that is vital in complex surgical procedures. This level of precision and clarity empowers surgeons to perform their tasks with confidence and precision, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

Fusion Surgical Camera System High Magnification Camera
50 X Zoom
Fusion SurgiCam Smart  Surgical Camera System  - Augmented Reality Glasses

130 Inches AR Display

When the 50X Magnification Camera is seamlessly integrated with the Augmented Reality Glasses Display, featuring its expansive 130-inch transparent screen, the results are nothing short of astonishing.


This cutting-edge combination not only elevates the clarity of minute details to an unprecedented level but also plays a pivotal role in mitigating the postural fatigue experienced by surgeons during lengthy procedures.

AR Display

Microscopy & Endoscopy

The Fusion Surgicam is a versatile medical device with two primary functions. Firstly, it operates as a standalone surgical camera system, providing high-quality real-time video and image capture during surgeries across various medical disciplines.

Secondly, it can enhance existing rigid endoscopes and microscopes by transforming them into smart augmented reality (AR) endoscopy and microscopy systems.


This integration allows for the overlay of critical information, such as 3D reconstructions and anatomical annotations, onto the surgeon's field of view in real-time, significantly improving surgical precision and facilitating remote collaboration in the medical field.

Fusion Surgical Camera System  Add-on Endoscopy and Microscopy Camera
Fusion Surgical Camera System Multidisciplinary Utility


The Surgicam system is a versatile tool used in a wide range of medical disciplines, including ENT, Dental, OBGYN, Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, and more.


It covers various surgical approaches, including open, endoscopic, and microscopic procedures. Surgicam's high-resolution imaging ensures precise visualization during surgeries, contributing to improved patient outcomes across diverse medical specialties.

One Touch Controls

The Fusion Surgicam's standout feature is its user-friendly design, highlighted by intuitive one-touch controls that simplify operation.


These controls enhance ease of use, enabling medical professionals to navigate and manage the system effortlessly.


This streamlined approach boosts efficiency during procedures, reduces interruptions, and bolsters confidence in high-pressure medical situations.

Fusion Surgical Camera System Touch Controls
Fusion Surgical Camera System Voice Control

Voice Controls

Surgicam introduces a game-changing feature: hands-free operation through voice control. This innovation significantly enhances surgical precision and workflow efficiency, allowing surgeons to adjust settings and capture images seamlessly.


By eliminating the need for physical interaction, this feature keeps surgeons focused on the procedure, reduces interruptions, and enhances overall surgical performance. Additionally, it facilitates efficient teamwork and has the potential to improve medical education and telemedicine by enabling real-time communication and knowledge transfer.


LED Lights

Surgicam incorporates efficient inbuilt LED lights that provide exceptional illumination during surgeries.


These lights are not only energy-efficient but also offer adjustable settings to cater to specific lighting needs, eliminating the necessity for bulky operating room lighting systems.


This feature ensures clear visibility, enhances surgical efficiency, and contributes to cost savings, making it a valuable addition to any surgical environment.

Fusion Surgical Camera System In-built LED Lights
LED Lights
Fusion Surgical Camera System Plug And Play

Plug And Play

Surgicam's plug-and-play setup simplifies its integration into any existing medical office, making adoption hassle-free.


This user-friendly approach eliminates the need for complex installation steps, allowing medical professionals to deploy the system quickly and efficiently.


It ensures a swift transition to Surgicam's capabilities, minimizing downtime and disruptions in medical settings.


Remote Support

Surgicam provides seamless remote connectivity and comprehensive technical support to ensure uninterrupted system performance.


This feature enables real-time diagnostics of technical issues, allowing for prompt assistance during critical procedures. Beyond enhancing operational efficiency,


Surgicam's remote connectivity facilitates collaboration in telemedicine and medical education, benefiting both healthcare professionals and patient care.

Fusion Surgical Camera System Remote Support
Remote Support

Schedule An Online Demo

Schedule a demo to experience Surgicam's cutting-edge capabilities firsthand. Discover how it can enhance your surgical procedures and improve patient outcomes.

Fusion Surgicam Surgical Camera System

Fusion Surgicam Surgical Camera System

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Surgicam - New Era In Surgical Vision

The SurgiCam is the ultimate evolution in surgical camera systems. It features a cutting-edge motorized zoom and auto-focus camera that can achieve an astounding 50X magnification, setting a new standard for precision in medical imaging. What sets it apart even further is its seamless integration with augmented reality glasses, providing a massive 130-inch see-through display. All of this is mounted on a portable 8-degree-of-freedom (8 DOF) platform for maximum flexibility and adaptability in various surgical settings.

Dr. Baker

The FUEsion Cam has truly transformed the way we approach surgical procedures. Its exceptional 50X magnification and seamless integration with augmented reality glasses have elevated our precision and decision-making to new heights. The 130-inch see-through display is simply remarkable, and the portability of the 8-degree-of-freedom platform makes it a game-changer in the field. This system has redefined our capabilities in the operating room, and we couldn't be more impressed


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