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Product Description:

Welcome to the future of non-surgical hair restoration with the Scalp Pulse Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Machine by i-Brain Robotics. This revolutionary system represents the pinnacle of innovation, offering a comprehensive solution for hair loss with unmatched precision and patient comfort.


Item specifics:


  • Brand: Brain Robotics
  • Model: FUEsion Scalp Pulse
  • Type: Non-surgical, Non-invasive Hair Restoration System
  • Condition: New


Key Features:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizes advanced Vanadium and Titanium technology for precision in hair loss treatment.

  • High-Speed Medication Delivery: Delivers medication at 450 meters per second for effective hair follicle growth.

  • Comprehensive Treatments:  Can help deliver a variety of medication, Exosomes, Growth Factors, and more for various hair loss concerns.

  • Adaptable Solution: Addresses genetic, environmental, androgenetic alopecia, hair thinning, and restores eyebrows and beards.

  • Pain-Free Comfort: Provides a pain-free experience with no downtime, allowing immediate return to daily activities.

  • Swift Results: Noticeable improvement after just three monthly treatments, faster than surgical methods.

  • Inclusive and Safe: Engineered for safety across diverse ethnicities and skin types.

  • Non-Invasive Advantage: Eliminates surgical incisions, sutures, and scars, offering a personalized, comfortable option.


Shipping and Handling:

  • Shipping: Free Door-to-Door Shipping
  • Handling Time:  15-20 Business Days
  • International Shipping: Free Door-to-Door Shipping


More Information: Discover more at FUEsion Scalp Pulse Official Page


Scalp Pulse - Non surgical Hair Restoration Machine

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