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Which one is better? ALMA TED or FUEsion Scalp Pulse?

Updated: Jan 9

When it comes to non-surgical hair restoration solutions, two prominent systems often come up in discussions: Alma TED and FUEsion Scalp Pulse. Both have garnered attention for their innovative approaches, but a closer examination reveals that ScalpPulse may be a technologically advanced and cost-effective alternative to ALMA TED.

Price Comparison

A significant factor in this comparison is the cost. Alma TED is priced between $185,000 and $225,000, a figure that might be prohibitive for many. In contrast, FUEsion Scalp Pulse offers a more accessible price range of $78,800 to $98,800. This substantial difference in cost makes FUEsion Scalp Pulse an attractive option, especially for practices seeking to provide advanced treatments without the hefty investment.

Technological Edge

FUEsion Scalp Pulse stands out with its state-of-the-art technology. It employs Vanadium and Titanium Non-Invasive Hydrophotometer Nano Crystal Head Vacuum Microcrystal TDA Technology [#], a cutting-edge approach in the field of hair restoration​​. This technology ensures a precise and effective treatment, delivering medication at a rapid speed of 450 meters per second directly to the scalp's deepest layers​​​​[#].

Versatility and Broad Application

The versatility of FUEsion Scalp Pulse is another point in its favor. It can treat a range of hair loss conditions, including male and female pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, and hair thinning[#]​​​​. Its applicability extends beyond the scalp to areas such as eyebrows and beards[#]​​​​, making it a comprehensive solution for various hair loss scenarios.

Patient Comfort and Safety

FUEsion Scalp Pulse also excels in terms of patient comfort and safety. Its non-invasive and pain-free approach is a significant advantage, especially for those who are apprehensive about more invasive procedures[#]​​​​​​. The system is designed to cater to individuals of all backgrounds, ensuring inclusivity and safety​​​​[#].

Efficacy and Speed of Results

In terms of efficacy, FUEsion Scalp Pulse delivers visible results after just three monthly treatments[#]​​​​. This quick manifestation of results not only demonstrates its effectiveness but also enhances patient satisfaction and confidence in the treatment.

Alma TED's Capabilities

While Alma TED is a competent system in its own right, offering a non-invasive solution with noticeable results and minimal discomfort​​​​​​, it falls short in competing with the advanced technology, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and patient-centric approach of FUEsion Scalp Pulse.


In the final analysis, while both Alma TED and SFUEsion Scalp Pulse are impressive in their respective capacities as non surgical hair restoration systems, FUEsion Scalp Pulse emerges as the preferable choice. It offers advanced technology, a broader range of applications, greater patient comfort and safety, and most importantly, is more cost-effective. For these reasons, FUEsion Scalp Pulse is the smarter choice for both physicians and patients seeking effective, non-surgical hair restoration solutions.

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