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Automated Hair Transplant Machine: A Quick Look At The FUEsion X Robotic System

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

The field of hair restoration has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the advent of automated hair transplant machines. Among the cutting-edge innovations, the FUEsion X Automated Hair Transplant Machine stands out as a game-changer in the realm of hair transplantation.

The HARRTS FUEsion X Automated Hair Transplant Machine represents a groundbreaking development in the realm of hair restoration. This advanced machine combines state-of-the-art technology with efficiency and patient-centered features to redefine the experience of hair transplantation. Below are the key highlights of this innovative device:

Innovative Technology in Hair Restoration: The HARRTS FUEsion X Automated Robotic Hair Transplant Machine stands out in the field of hair restoration, offering a transformative experience for those seeking hair and confidence restoration.

Unparalleled Precision: The machine features a robotic arm with advanced AI algorithms, a 50 X Zoom AI Camera, and 130 Inches See Through Augmented Reality Glasses.

These technologies enable precise selection and extraction of individual hair follicles, ensuring natural-looking transplants and high success rates.

Efficiency and Speed:

Equipped with two-sided pneumatic suction assisted extractors for simultaneous graft extraction by two surgeons.

The AI Camera's high magnification accelerates the procedure, reducing treatment time and speeding up patient recovery.

Advanced Personalized Features:

AI Integration: HARRTS Hair Studio Software aids in planning treatments tailored to each patient's scalp topography and graft needs.

Smart Extraction: The punch tool's sensors optimize follicle extraction, enhancing graft survival.

Real-time Feedback: Surgeons monitor the procedure with a high-definition camera for precise graft placement.

Customizable Density: Adjustments can be made to meet individual patient preferences.

Operator Comfort and Graft Optimization:

The machine's ergonomic design, augmented with AR Glasses and a large screen display, minimizes surgeon fatigue during long procedures.

Efficient graft extraction and storage reduce wastage.

Comfort and Quicker Recovery for Patients:

The minimally invasive nature of the HARRTS FUEsion X procedure ensures less post-operative pain and faster recovery.


The HARRTS FUEsion X Automated Hair Transplant Machine is a significant advancement in hair restoration. It combines precision, efficiency, and patient comfort with advanced, customizable features. This technology offers effective, natural-looking hair restoration solutions, enhancing patient confidence and satisfaction.

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