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FUEsion - Automated Multi-Follicular Unit Implanter

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Revolutionizing Hair Transplantation

Welcome to the future of hair transplantation with the FUEsion - Automated Multi-Follicular Unit Implanter. Engineered for precision, speed, and ease, FUEsion stands out as the premier choice for hair restoration professionals.

Key Features

Unmatched Implantation Efficiency
Back-to-Back Implantation: FUEsion is the only follicular implanter designed to implant 100 follicular units consecutively, revolutionizing the implantation process and drastically reducing procedure time.

Patented Design for Perfect Implantation
Anatomically Accurate Placement: Our patented design ensures each follicular unit is implanted at the perfect depth, optimizing placement for natural growth patterns and aesthetic results.
Depth Control: Surgeons no longer need to worry about implantation depth. FUEsion eliminates the complications associated with too deep or too superficial graft placement.

User-Friendly Operation
Simple Plunging Action: With a ball-point pen-like mechanism, grafts are implanted seamlessly into the skin, ensuring superior outcomes with minimal effort.
Minimal Trauma: The innovative design minimizes manual graft handling, significantly reducing trauma to the grafts and enhancing survival rates.

Efficient and Speedy Procedure
Graft Holder: The patented graft holder accommodates 100 grafts, allowing for effortless suction into the implanter for each successive implantation.
High-Speed Implantation: Surgeons can achieve an implantation speed of approximately 1800 grafts per hour, thanks to the two-sided implantation mechanism exclusive to the FUEsion range.

Enhanced Precision and Accuracy
For All Experience Levels: Whether you're a novice or an experienced hair restoration surgeon, FUEsion enhances precision and accuracy, making high-quality hair transplantation accessible to all practitioners.
No Need for Assistants: Improve your speed and accuracy without the need for additional staff, making the procedure more efficient and cost-effective.

Why Choose FUEsion?
With FUEsion, you're not just getting a tool; you're investing in a transformative technology that will elevate your practice. Our automated implanter combines speed, accuracy, and ease-of-use, ensuring each follicular unit is implanted with unparalleled precision. Experience the future of hair transplantation with FUEsion - where technology meets artistry for perfect results every time.

Contact us today to learn more about how FUEsion can revolutionize your hair transplant practice!

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