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HARRTS Hair Studio

Hair Transplant Simulator | Hair Transplant Results Simulator | Hair Transplant Simulator Software

The Most Convenient and Easiest Tool for Physicians to Plan The Perfect Hair Transplant for Their Clients..

  • Simulate the client's scalp on a virtual screen.

  • Divide the Scalp virtually in 7 Topographical Areas.

  • Calculate the exact number of grafts needed for each topographical area on the virtually simulated scalp.

  • Create different treatment plans with different number of grafts and different coverage areas for your clients.

  • Optimize the treatment plan as per patient's needs.

  • Show your clients the virtual results of various treatment plans on their own photographs..

  • Gain your client's trust by displaying transparency in your treatment approach.

  • Get an edge above your competition.

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HARRTS Hair Studio Lifetime Subscription

$7,500.00 Regular Price
$4,500.00Sale Price