Virtual Assistant

Hire Your Own Virtual Assistant

The beauty of technology is the ability to automate tasks and make your day-to-day life easier. While this is certainly true at home, robotics are also able to make your work life easier. At I Brain Robotics, Inc., we offer a virtual assistant. I-Talk is a virtual assistant program that can help with several tasks. In order to use i-Talk, you do not need to be a computer programmer, but will still enjoy the benefits this new technology can bring to the workplace. The program is able to interact with customers, generate sales leads, close the sales process, and integrate with several programs that are used in business. The virtual assistant can help manage an e-commerce store or integrate a payment system. The system is also able to virtually chat with clients and customers around the world, in several languages. Plus, this program has an unlimited chat history so you will always be able to locate and research past customer interactions.


I-Talk can also be used as a personal robot assistant. Having the technology at your fingertips to help keep you on track throughout the day is an immeasurable help. This program has artificial intelligence, that can make it seem like you have hired an administrator to help you complete your tasks. The program is able to interact with clients and employees, as well as help manage menial tasks throughout the day. Further, I-Talk can be integrated with several social media platforms, as well as be used to set up Skype calls and appointments. Able to understand a variety of voice commands and languages, the program from I Brain Robotics, Inc. is intended to make your daily work life easier.