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HARRTS X-2 | Robotic Hair Transplant System


HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System is a revolutionary tool created available by i-Brain Robotics, Inc, for Hair Transplant Surgery.

This one of its kind Hair Transplant System is enhanced with Artificial Intelligence Camera and Augmented Reality, which assists the Hair Restoration surgeons in improving efficacy and precision while they perform the Hair Transplant procedure.

The Salient Features of the HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant Machine:

  • 50 Times Zoom Artificial Intelligence Camera

  • Automated Donor Area Scanning before the Hair Restoration Procedure

  • In depth Graft Number and Type Analysis in the Donor Area

  • AI tool to Plan the Extraction Strategy in the Donor Area during the Hair Transplant Surgery

  • AI tool to Calculate the number and type of grafts to be implanted in each area of the scalp based on the available number of extractable grafts in the Donor area

  • AI Tool to precisely calculate the number of grafts required based on individual needs and also virtually simulate the result

  • Robotic Arm to Automatically scan the Donor Area, Move the AI Camera to desired Extraction Zone and to Track the Hair Restoration Surgeon’s Hand precisely during the Hair Transplant Procedure

  • Machine Talk technology makes this Hair Transplant Machine the Only Hands-Free Voice enabled Command controlled Hair Transplant System

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