HARRTS | Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant System

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

HARRTS V-11 | Robotic Hair Transplant System


The HARRTS V-11 Hair Robotic Hair Transplant System uses a 50 X Zoom Live Feed Artificial Intelligence Camera and Augmented Reality Glasses to Assist the Surgeons in performing the Hair Transplant procedure with utmost precision, accuracy and high speed.

Artificial Intelligence Camera:

The AI Camera Not only provides a very high magnification of the area of operation and the grafts to be harvested, but also allows the surgeons to understand the orientation of the grafts beneath the skin, by virtue of which, the surgeons can orient their extraction hand piece according to the grafts orientation beneath the skin, which virtually removes the chances of any graft transection or damage.

Machine Learning Software:

The AI Camera and the Machine Learning software calculates the size of the donor area under vision, the total number of grafts in it, calculates different types of grafts with respect to the number of hair in it, and also deferentially localizes these different types of grafts for extraction. This helps the surgeon to localize and harvest the specific type of grafts he wants to extract based on the hair transplantation plan set for a particular client.

Augmented Reality Glasses:

The 120 inch High definition See through Augmented Reality Glasses, allows the surgeon to see the live feed sent from the AI Camera and Machine Learning Software to be seen directly on a large see through screen, in 50x zoom. This completely avoid the neck strain on the surgeon, since he is no longer required to actually look down at the donor area of the patient, which eventually reduces surgeon's fatigue and improves the ease of performing the procedure.

Machine Talk Technology:

The HARRTS V-11 Robotic Hair Transplant System is enhanced with Machine Talk Technology, which allows the surgeons to use the system by giving voice commands. This great hands-free feature comes in handy for the surgeons to maintain asepsis in the operating room and also increases the ease of operation.

This latest HARRTS upgrade known as the HARRTS V-11 Robotic Hair Transplant System has won accolades from Hair restoration Surgeons worldwide and surely seems to make the Hair Transplant surgeon's job very easy.

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