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HARRTS  ScalpPulse - Scalp Permeation and Pulsed Medication Delivery System

The World's First and Only Smart, Non-invasive Alopecia Treatment System with a cutting-edge, non-invasive, pain-free medication delivery approach to effectively address alopecia of virtually any etiology.

HARRTS Scalp Pulse -Non Surgical, Non-invasive Hair Restoration System

The LATEST Revolutionary INNOVATION in Non-invasive Hair Restoration!

Out Grow the Conventional, painful and invasive methods of non-surgical hair restoration. Upgrade  to the i-Brain Robotics' HARRTS ScalpPulse: Scalp Permeation and Pulsed Medication Delivery System

The American Hair Loss Association estimates that over 80 million Americans are currently grappling with hair loss. Moreover, the demand for effective treatment options has surged by an astonishing 400% since the onset of the pandemic. In light of these alarming statistics, ScalpPulse emerges as a pioneering solution, transforming the landscape of hair restoration and scalp health.

The Cutting-Edge Technology:
At the forefront of hair loss treatment technology, ScalpPulse blends innovation and precision with the utilization of the Vanadium and Titanium Non-Invasive Hydrophotometer Nano Crystal Head Vacuum Microcrystal TDA Technology Delivery System. This technology marks a significant departure from conventional methods and promises groundbreaking results.

HARRTS Scalp Pulse -Non Surgical, Non-invasive Hair Restoration System

Precision Medication Delivery:
One of ScalpPulse key strengths lies in its ability to deliver medication with unparalleled speed and precision. Delivering medication at an astonishing rate of 450 meters per second, it defies conventional invasive methods, accessing the deepest layers of the scalp directly where the hair roots reside. This precision is further accentuated by the strategic use of pulsating energy bursts, ensuring the utmost accuracy in treatment.

HARRTS Scalp Pulse -Non Surgical, Non-invasive Hair Restoration System

Versatility at its Core:
ScalpPulse distinguishes itself through its remarkable versatility. It empowers healthcare practitioners to administer a diverse range of liquid hair loss medications, establishing itself as a comprehensive solution capable of addressing myriad causes of hair loss. Whether the issue arises from genetic predisposition, environmental factors, or other origins, ScalpPulse offers an advanced and adaptable approach.

A Game-Changing Advancement:
For both physicians and patients, ScalpPulse represents a transformative advancement in the realm of hair loss treatment. It unveils new possibilities for hair restoration and scalp health maintenance, offering a non-invasive, rapid, and precise solution. ScalpPulse not only effectively delivers medication but also instills confidence in the journey towards regaining a fuller and healthier head of hair. It truly stands as the future of scalp care and hair restoration, poised to revolutionize the approach to hair loss.

Comfort and Convenience:
The ScalpPulse procedure is non-invasive and pain-free, eliminating the need for downtime. During the procedure, patients will experience a warm sensation and a mild buzzing feeling. Post-procedure, patients' hair may be slightly damp, but they can promptly resume their daily activities.

The Procedure in Detail:

ScalpPulse's revolutionary procedure is designed to deliver various hair loss therapy medications and formulas directly to the hair roots, located in the dermis. This procedure opens temporary pathways in the cell membranes of the superficial layer of the scalp, allowing the hair-loss treatment formulas to penetrate deeper into the scalp to reach the hair roots, thereby stimulating and enhancing hair growth.

Suitable for All:
This treatment is suitable for anyone experiencing hair loss, hair shedding, or those who wish to maintain healthy-looking hair. Notably, results typically become visible after three monthly treatments, with maintenance sessions required to sustain the achieved results.

Safety and Effectiveness:
The ScalpPulse procedure is safe for individuals of all backgrounds and can be applied throughout the scalp, the eyebrows or beard area. It effectively addresses various hair loss conditions, such as male and female pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, and hair thinning.

Let the Results Do the Talking:

Don't just take our word for it; check out the results to witness the transformations ScalpPulse has delivered for our clients."

Exploring ScalpPulse:
If you're intrigued by this innovative hair restoration treatment, we encourage you to get in touch with us and schedule an informational call today. ScalpPulse holds the promise of transforming your hair loss journey and helping you regain confidence in your appearance. Don't miss the opportunity to embrace a future with healthier, fuller hair.

HARRTS Scalp Pulse -Non Surgical, Non-invasive Hair Restoration System
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