The Coolest New Employee For your Business! 

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I-Talk | An intelligently responding Voice Enabled Holographic Virtual Chat-bot I-Talk | An intelligently responding Voice Enabled Holographic Virtual Chat-bot 


I-Talk | An intelligently responding Voice Enabled Holographic Virtual Chat-bot 

Whether you have a New or Old Business, Whether You sell online or Simply need new Leads,

Whether you want to guide your clients through your services or want to deliver round the clock customer support, no-one will do it better than i-TalkTM for you.. 


What's better to attend your client queries at the first point of contact, that's your website? 
i-Talk  will speak out to you clients when they reach your website. i-Talk can address them with their names, answer their queries, guide them through your services , tell them your USPs, will ask them leading questions and collect new unique leads for your business tirelessly 24*7 , 365 days a year!

I-Talk | Intelligent Virtual Spaking Chat-bot

Advantages of i-Talk TM :

  • Customizable Humanoid Talking Avatars

  • Intelligent Speech Recognition

  • Intelligent Speech Output

  • Contextual Speech Interaction

  • Multiple language support

  • Real-time One-to-One Client Interaction with Speech

  • Interacts with all global online clients continuously, 24 x 7 x 365

  • Initiates interaction if client is idle for sometime

  • Generate New Leads Continuously

  • Generates and Completes Sales autonomously

  • Connects to a real person over phone if required

  • Multi-Interface Interaction Widget

  • Easy to Use Admin Panel

  • No programming skills needed

  • Add multiple Admins and Agents

  • Add Multiple Domains for various businesses

  • Pre-saved Default Domain Settings for various businesses

  • Import relevant domain settings for your business

  • Add any number of Questions and Answers for your business through your admin panel for I-Talk to answer to your clients

  • Deep Insight Analytics for Formulating better business strategies

  • See Real-time Online Chats

  • See Real-time Online Clients on your website

  • Get Client IP for Manual Over-ride to Real person interaction

  • Unlimited Chat History

  • Train the i-Talk Virtual Assistant and it keeps getting smarter

  • Inbuilt E-commerce Store

  • Inbuilt Payment Integration 

  • Inbuilt Integration to support Facebook and Skype Chat-bots

  • Multiple and Customizable Click-to-Call Actions

i-Talk | Speaking Chatbot