Household Robot

Enjoy Your Own Personal Robot

Buzz, our child-like educational robot, can also be used as a home robot. This latest creation by I Brain Robotics, Inc. was intended to be a lovable, and helpful companion around the home. Not only will Buzz be the best friend for your children, able to entertain as well as educate, but Buzz makes an ideal home robot. With a wide range of abilities and capabilities, the possibilities are endless when Buzz is employed in your home. This robot is able to learn, become interactive, and meet your every need throughout the house. Further, Buzz is able to emotionally learn from you and your family, able to adapt and develop more as time progresses. The team at I Brain Robotics, Inc. aims to make lives easier by integrating useful technology into the everyday home.


As a personal robot, Buzz will help keep you in order, by being able to complete several tasks and duties around the house. Buzz makes an excellent companion for elder care. This personal robot is able to remember medications and schedules, and send gentle reminders to elderly family members to take their medication. In addition, if an elderly family member is in trouble or medical danger, Buzz is able to send an SOS call to other members of the family to alert to a medical emergency. Further, this personal robot is able to capture cherished memories around the home. Fully fitted with a camera, Buzz can take photographs of your loved ones and family members. Never miss a priceless moment when Buzz is around.


A trusted household robot, Buzz has the ability to integrate seamlessly with your smart home. Be able to control lighting, temperature, and door locks, simply by using the technology built into Buzz. The technology in this household robot pairs easily with many major smart home technologies. Buzz can also be used as an in home security system. Not only does this robot have a camera, but he can be integrated with several alert systems within your home. Buzz is able to notice if a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, or other safety system is alerting, and can send an SOS to family members. This household robot is able to understand when a situation within the home is outside the normal range of activities, and can easily send a notification to family members to keep your home and your loved ones safe.