HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System

HARRTS X-2 | Robotic Hair Transplant System with 6 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm

HARRTS X-2 Augmented Reality Glasses has the following salient features: 

The HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System is enhanced with Machine Talk Technology, which allows the surgeons to use the system by giving voice commands. This great hands-free feature comes in handy for the surgeons to maintain asepsis in the operating room and also increases the ease of operation..​Increases the ease of the procedure

Machine Talk Technology Demonstration

  • See how the Surgeon can Connect the AR Glasses with Easy Customizable Voice Commands.

Machine Talk Technology Controls

  • The Machine Talk Technology along with the AR Glasses provide a Great Hands-Free Experience

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