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HARRTS  STEAM - Smart Trans-Epidermal Administration Machine

World's First and Only Smart, Non-invasive, Trans-Epidermal Administration Machine for treating alopecia of almost any origin.

HARRTS STEAM - Smart Trans-epidermal Application Machine

The LATEST Revolutionary INNOVATION in Non-invasive Hair Restoration!

Out Grow the Conventional, painful and invasive methods of non-surgical hair restoration. Upgrade  to the i - Brain Robotics' HARRTS STEAM : Smart Trans-epidermal Application Machine

How does the HARRTS STEAM work: 

The  HARRTS STEAM helps in treating almost all types of alopecia in the following ways: 

  • AI Diagnosis : Equipped with AI Software for assistance in precise diagnosis

  • AR Vision : 200 X Magnification Camera and 100Inch AR Screen, so that you get the finest details

  • Non-Invasive Treatment : Unique STEAM or Smart Trans-epidermal Application Machine treatment for a pain-free, yet through treatment.

  • Smart Follow-ups : The AI Software helps you set the perfect treatment protocol for your clients.

HARRTS STEAM - Smart Trans-epidermal Application Machine

The American Hair Loss Association estimates that over 80 million Americans are suffering from hair loss, and the demand for treatment options has increased by 400% since the pandemic.

The HARRTS STEAM is a cutting-edge hair restoration procedure that uses Ultrasound Acoustic Waves to deliver hair loss therapy medications and molecules beyond the protective layer of skin down to the dermis, thus providing a pain-free and needle-free hair restoration option without the need for surgery.


The procedure can be used to deliver various hair loss therapy medications and formulas to the target location, the hair roots, situated in the dermis. The HARRTS STEAM opens temporary pathways in the epidermis that allow the hair-loss treatment formulas to penetrate the skin, reaching the hair roots to stimulate and enhance hair growth.

The HARRTS STEAM is a needle-free and pain-free procedure that does not involve any downtime. During the procedure, the scalp will feel warm, and patients will sense a mild buzzing sensation. Patients' hair will be slightly damp after the procedure, but they can resume their daily activities right after.


The treatment is suitable for anyone experiencing hair loss or hair shedding or those who want to maintain healthy-looking hair. Results are typically seen after three monthly treatments, and maintenance treatments are required to maintain the results.

The HARRTS STEAM is safe for everyone and can be used throughout the scalp, on the eyebrows or beard area, and for non-scarring alopecia. It is an effective solution for male and female pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, and hair thinning caused by hormone dysfunction or stress. 

If you are interested in learning more about this innovative hair restoration treatment, reach out to us and schedule a info call today!

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