Hair Transplant

The Latest Technology in Hair Restoration

I Brain Robotics, Inc. is happy to have created the latest technology in hair restoration. Viewed as the most technology prominent, easy to use system for doctors, the HARRTS system is preferred by patients worldwide. This technology uses the most up to date skin grafting procedures to surgically implant hair in order to achieve the very best results with hair restoration. This new technology is able to simplify the process of hair restoration, combining scoring and grafting into one simple procedure. This means that this hair restoration technology is safer and less invasive than traditional methods, plus it is faster and more efficient. The technology used in the HARRTS procedure requires no linear lines, scored on the surface of the skin. This means that recovery time is faster, and the dangers associated with this procedure are minimal. The team at I Brain Robotics, Inc. is passionate about helping people in any industry, including the medical industry. Hair loss impacts hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, so we are committed to finding a real, effective, and convenient solution for patients and surgeons alike.


Often, people will turn to hair transplant surgery to restore hair loss or thicken thinning hair. Not only can hair restoration be for health reasons, but hair restoration can help improve confidence and self-esteem. This normally is a complicated, and somewhat intensive surgical procedure. Using the technology created by I Brain Robotics, Inc., HARRTS is a modern solution to hair loss. This system is widely used by hair transplant surgeons around the world and is renowned for its benefits and success rate. The HARRTS system is the least invasive and most accurate hair transplant surgery possible. Further, this system ensures that there is no trauma to the underlying skin tissue. The system works with an automated program that helps to score and graft the head. This makes the procedure accurate and the least invasive transplant surgery possible. This technology ensures that each hair transplant is accurate, aiding in the most successful hair transplant technique out there. The success rate of each individual graft is far higher than traditional hair replacement techniques. Surgeons prefer the HARRTS technology because it is easy to use and accurate. I Brain Robotics, Inc. is happy to improve the lives of surgeons and patients alike with its innovative and practical HARRTS hair replacement technology.