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HARRTS FUEsion X Robotic Hair Transplant System

HARRTS FUEsion X | Robotic Hair Transplant System with 5 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm, Up-to 50 X  Zoom  Live Feed Artificial Intelligence Camera and 100 Inches See Through Augmented Reality Glasses.

Salient Features of HARRTS FUEsion X

Automates Almost All of The Aspects of a Hair Transplant Procedure at All the Three Steps v.i.z.  

  • Pre-Procedure Stage

  • Procedure Stage

  • Post Procedure Strategy

Pre-Procedure Stage:

AI Guided Graft Requirement Based Virtual Simulator

HARRTS Hair-Studio Precision Simulation
  • Divide the Scalp virtually in 7 Topographical Areas.​ for Near Accurate Estimate of Grafts Requirement

  • Customize Post-Procedure Look as Per Patient Needs 

  • Show your clients the virtual results of various treatment plans on their own photographs..

Procedure Stage:

Up to 50 X Zoom AI Camera Highlights Different Types of Follicular Units in Real Time

HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System AI Camera Graft Calculator
  • Drastically Improves the Visualization of the Grafts.Enabling  the Surgeon to Appreciate the orientation & angulation of the Hair Follicle.

  • Helps the Surgeon in Proper Orientation of the Punch in the Direction of the Follicle,.

  • Reduces the Chances of Graft Transection while harvesting. the Highlighted Colored Grafts.

Procedure Stage:

Planning of Extraction Strategy by AI Software, based on Grade of Baldness and Available Grafts

HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System AI Software
  • The AI Software, Based on the Grade of Baldness  Creates an Automated Extraction Plan for the Physician..

  • Based on the Available Extractable Grafts, the AI Software Recommends which Type of Grafts and in What Numbers should be Harvested to Get the Desired Results.,.

  • The AI Software also Recommends What Number and What Type of Grafts Should be Implanted in Which Areas.

Procedure Stage:

See Through Augmented Reality Glasses for 100 Inches & HD Heads-Up Display

HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System AR Glasses
  • Big Screen High Resolution Heads-Up Display Nullifies Surgeon's Neck Fatigue,& Improves Surgeon's Comfort.

  • Provides Huge Magnification of Grafts right in front of Surgeon's eyes while the Surgeon can still see the surrounding environment.

  • Tremendously Improves Surgeon's Ability to Appreciate Graft Angulation & Reduces Graft Transection Rate.

Procedure Stage:

HARRTS V-5 Implanter For Ease of Implantation

HARRTS V-5 Implanter
  • Fastest Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Without any need to create Channels

  • Unique Release Piston Mechanism with Depth Control makes Graft Implantation Easy and Error Free.

  • Enables Dense Packing of Grafts without Popping.

  • Complete Light Weight. Autoclavable and Re-Usable Metal Body,

Pre-Procedure Stage:

Computer Vision Based Donor Area

Graft Availability Calculator

HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System Computer Vision AI
  • Provides an Estimate of the Donor Area Density and Available Extractable Grafts for the desired Requirement

  • Shows 3D Point-Cloud of the Donor Area showing Different Types of Grafts and their Precise Location

  • Helps in Planning the Extraction & Implantation Strategy

Procedure Stage:

Scanning of the Donor Area Showing the Density, Number and Different Types of  Grafts

HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System AI Donor Scanning
  • On Table Donor Area Assessment with Computer Vision to Assess the Graft Count and Types in the Donor Area.

  • Updates the Surgeon on Table, about the Density of the Donor Area w.r.t. the Planned Extraction Strategy

  • Assists the Surgeon in Planning the Extraction of Different Types of Grafts Based on the Planned Implantation Strategy

Procedure Stage:

Robotic Arm Assisted Precision Tracking & Intelligent Graft Extraction Planning 

HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System AI Software
  • While Extraction,The Robotic Arm Executes Subtle Movements of the AI Camera with Speech Enabled Commands..

  • The Robotic Arm Keeps the  Operating Field in the AI Camera Vision by Autonomously Tracking the Extractor..

  • Autonomously Moves the AI Camera to the Region Of Donor Area for Extracting Specific Types of Grafts Based on the Extraction Plan Created by the AI Software.. 

Procedure Stage:

Up-to 4x Faster, Automated &

Most Result Oriented FU Extraction

HARRTS FUEsion 2.0 2 Sided Utility - Hair Transplant System.jpg
  • The HARRTS FUEsion Makes The FU Extraction, 4X Faster, Most Automated, Least Traumatic & Most Result Oriented.

  • Two Two Sided Mechanism Enables Two Surgeons to Operate at the same time Making the FUE Process Faster

  • High Torque, Low Speed, 16:1 Gear Ratio Hand-piece, & The Unique Safety Guard Depth Control Punches Ensures Non Traumatic and Minimally Invasive FU Extraction.

Post-Procedure Stage:

MRMS | Medical Records Management System

  • Get the Most Standardized  Documentation Process Set-forth as per International Standards That can Also be Edited by the Surgeons.

  • Talks the Clients Through The Various Steps in Completion of the Medico-Legal Forms.

  • Stores Patient's Medical Records Locally on the System  Focusing on  HIPAA Compliance.

Procedure Stage:

Machine Talk Technology

HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System Machine Talk
  • The HARRTS X-2 Robotic Hair Transplant System is enhanced with Machine Talk Technology, which allows the surgeons to use the system by giving voice commands.

  • This great hands-free feature comes in handy for the surgeons to maintain asepsis in the operating room and also increases the ease of operation..​Increases the ease of the procedure

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