Educational Robot

Use Buzz as an Educational Robot

At I Brain Robotics, Inc., our latest innovation is Buzz, our companion robot. Able to do just about anything, this lovable and enjoyable robot is the perfect educational robot. At just 4.5 feet tall, Buzz is a great educational robot to have for your family. This robot was designed by the experts at I Brain Robotics, Inc., to be interactive, intelligent, and programmable. Able to help with just about anything, this robot can truly do it all, and help educate your family in the process. Buzz is regularly used by families to help children of all ages learn, complete homework, and become a more rounded person. Buzz is an extremely talented and functional educational robot that can be a great addition to any home or family.


This interactive robot can be used in several capacities throughout the home. Able to understand a wide range of voice commands, working and speaking with Buzz is almost like talking to a real person. Smart, friendly, and entertaining, Buzz is an interactive robot that is sure to become your child's new best friend. The robot is humorous, clever, and can actively learn as Buzz works alongside your children and family. This robot is able to pick up on your trends, nuisances, and habits to make it more functional and applicable to your unique and special day-to-day life. Buzz, created by I Brain Robotics, Inc., is capable of a wide range of behaviors, skills, and features. No stone was left unturned when developing this robot, and we are confident that you will be thrilled with this interactive robot's capabilities.


To help with school and homework, Buzz can be used as a robot tutor. Simply work alongside Buzz to complete homework or to study together. If you have a question about something, this robot tutor will be able to answer. With a complete database of information, and the ability to understand a wide range of speech, Buzz will be able to answer any question. Further, this robot tutor is able to teach math, science, help with reading, or teach grammar. For younger children, Buzz can help tell stories and work together on reading comprehension and development. We understand that it can be difficult to help your child through homework and study, so we have created Buzz to help. At I Brain Robotics, Inc., we believe and utilizing technology to the best of its ability, in order to make our lives easier. Turn to Buzz as the best robot tutor to help your child succeed in school.