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Dr. Michael Wisiorek

Double Board Certified Surgeon

Certified HARRTS Robotic Hair Restoration Surgeon

Buffalo, New York, USA

Dr. Michael F. Wisiorek is a double boarded and certified physician born and raised in the Western New York area.


With 15 years experience in medicine and surgery, intense and comprehensive training in hair restoration and an addition 20 years in the hair and beauty industry, he has counseled and treated thousands about hair care, alopecia, genetics and medical/surgical options.

He has a deep and personal connection with hair restoration—even undergoing the FUT and FUE procedure personally!

He understands the procedure from a provider AND patient perspective and can answer all of your questions. He is best suited to explain your options for the best possible outcome.

Dr. Michael Wisiorek's Credentials:

Double Board Certified Physician

Certified HARRTS Robotic Hair Restoration Surgeon



To Book an appointment with Dr. Michael Wisiorek, see the contact information below:

Clinic Name: Hair Restoration & Aesthetics of Buffalo

Clinic Address:  2150 Wehrle Dr, Buffalo, NY 14221

Website:   ​

E-Mail:  ​

Phone Number: +1 (716) 500-4247

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