Augmented Endoscopy

I Brain Robotics Provides Augmented Endoscopy

Part of our success at I Brain Robotics Inc. is being able to provide real solutions using technology to various fields and industries. We have the ability to introduce our robotic technology to the medical world. Used by physicians around the world, our augmented endoscopy technology allows doctors to get an in depth, real time view of the throat and esophagus. Our augmented endoscopy technology pairs well with existing tools and implements, allowing doctors to simply enhance the techniques and practices they have come to know and trust. Our technology allows doctors to see a real time 2d video of an endoscopy, or integrate with the ability to view an immersive 3d view, using specialized glasses. This can allow doctors an unprecedented view of the body's internal workings, able to heal injury and treat disease.


The wonderful part about the medical equipment produced and manufactured by I Brain Robotics, Inc., is its ability to pair with existing medical implements. This means that doctors are able to use their specialized medical implements and enhance them through the technology provided by I Brain Robotics, Inc. Our medical technology is used by a variety of doctors in the medical field. Surgeons, gynecologists, neurosurgeons, and dentists have all benefited from our new robotic technology. With the ability to pair 3d technology with traditional surgical and examination procedures, doctors are able to be more accurate and detailed than ever before. This means that patients are able to recover and heal faster, and can heal from dangerous diseases and injuries. Our goal at I Brain Robotics, Inc. is to make people's lives easier and more enjoyable. Working in the medical field, we are able to improve the lives of both doctors and patients each and every day.