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I-Talk | Intelligent Interactive Holographic Virtual Chat-Bot with Speech

i-Presenter | Intelligent, Interactive Virtual Holographic Presenter



I-Talk | An intelligently responding Voice Enabled Holographic Virtual Chat-bot 

Whether you have a New or Old Business, Whether You sell online or Simply need new Leads,

Whether you want to guide your clients through your services or want to deliver round the clock customer support, no-one will do it better than i-TalkTM for you.. 


What's better to attend your client queries at the first point of contact, that's your website? 
i-Talk  will speak out to you clients when they reach your website. i-Talk can address them with their names, answer their queries, guide them through your services , tell them your USPs, will ask them leading questions and collect new unique leads for your business tirelessly 24*7 , 365 days a year!

i-Presenter | Intelligent, Interactive Virtual Holographic Presenter


Virtual Receptionist

The i-Presenter TM Intelligent hologram Product Specialist delivers self-service applications, shows demo videos, texts customers information and coupons and collects vital analytics. Read More

Product Specialist

i-Presenter TM Virtual Receptionist greets your visitors, presents a searchable relevant directory and notifies the concerned person via mobile text or any other form of message. Read More

Virtual Concierge

The i-Presenter TM Intelligent Virtual Concierge hologram delivers self-service applications, provides way finding directions, checks visitors in and displays promotional or other relevant videos. Read More

Mini Shelf Promoter

The i-Presenter Mini is a small (almost any size) retail point-of-purchase attention-getter that offers any customized message, product information, call to action and it's lifelike imagery is absolute traffic-stopper. As a full size version it's absolutely customized and can be any presenter, a mascot or even a product. Motion-sensitive, they actually stop people in their tracks! Read More